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Science outreach campaign

"Science can lift people out of poverty and cure disease. That, in turn, will reduce civil unrest."  - Stephen Hawking

Well said lines by the renowned Microbiologist of all the time Louis Pasteur that highlights the importance of science education across the globe. But unfortunately, this is not the contemporary truth. About more than 264 million people globally do not have access to education and the gap is widening day by day.


Despite initiatives like 'Education For All' led by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and several other steps taken by other international and national organizations, education is still a luxury for many, especially for the people of developing and third world countries, here having meals twice a day is so tough for some people that education takes a back seat in their hardship. But there are still some individuals like Michael Faraday in history who fought against all odds and gave the world the theory of Electromagnetic Induction. Various such capable geniuses within us require a small chance in their lives to enrich the world with their possibilities.

We understand this fact and are aspiring towards a greater cause, by supporting the young talents to spread their wings. We at BMUCO have been continuously working towards this goal by bringing up many initiatives like the Research Initiative Program, Higher Education for All Campaign, Save the Planet Campaign, to ensure the accessibility of science education for all.


This time we have launched a Science Outreach Campaign. As the name suggests, this campaign aims to educate the public and youth around the globe, about science education and its importance. We will also be creating awareness about contemporary challenges around the globe that needs a different scientific approach. This campaign will not only be useful for our learners but it's also a great opportunity for those who love science and want to contribute to this great initiative, for them we have cash rewards and certificates as a recognition of their contribution because, At BMUCO, we believe in empowerment through learning.

We have stood up for the change and we know it will be evident one day but since it's a campaign we will need your support to accomplish this greater cause and grow together.

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Curiosity ?

Homo sapiens are considered to be the most evolved species of this planet, apart from their ability to communicate with each other, and their intellect there is one more important factor that differentiates them from other creatures, and the factor is curiosity. Humans have an innate desire to know about everything and understand its functioning, whether It's understanding about the life on Earth or life on Mars, we want to know everything. Especially, when we talk about discoveries, innovation, the nature of our existence, and life beyond this planet, these are the subjects that interest us the most, and these subjects come under the field of science. Academically Science is just another discipline as History or philosophy but still is so peculiar, peculiar in terms of logic, in terms of imagination, and in terms of practicality. It requires several pieces of evidence to prove a single theory, it's theories are considered to be a universal truth but still, it has the scope of innovation and creation. It holds immense possibility in itself and that's why it is considered to be the tool for the future. Every aspect of this field has given so much to whole mankind, in terms of making our lives easy, in terms of curing various life threatening disease and increasing the life expectancy of man. Maybe that's why science as a discipline is valued the most and science education is essential to keep up with the changing world.

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