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Uncovering Patterns in Complex Geometry with Machine Learning

Supervisor: Edward Hist 
University of London

Dessins d'enfants are mysterious graphs with an enormously broad range of applications, where their simplicity is largely what dominates the elusivity of what they represent.


A dessin is constructed from a set of dots connected by lines, but through abstract mathematical relations they can be related to complex surfaces, groups describing the fundamental nature of rational numbers, and theories of the universe.


The work in this project will analyse hundred of these dessins looking for patterns in their structure using tools from machine learning.


  • Currently studying physics/mathematics/computer science at the university 

  • You must have a passion for working on a research project

  • Have enough background in 


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Research Assistant program


Applications are currently closed.

Applications are currently closed and will now reopen on Nov 3,2022.Please note this new date has been updated and october 24 2022 can be disgraded.Applications will be accepted NOV 3 2022 to DEC 1 2022.

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We encourage submissions from students globally who are students of undergraduate and post-graduate students and meet the eligibility requirements.It is our hope that this program will help develop collaborations with new professors and encourage the formation of long term relationships.

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