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Research Intiative


About this program

This Initiative program is started in September 2019 and will help furnish the future researchers to achieve higher and go beyond the boundary of human knowledge and innovation. It's majorly focused on the young students and researchers to motivate them to research and innovation.

We will try to support the young researchers in whatever way we can. And, also under this initiative we have brought a"Research Award", for young researchers who does research individually and is able to get success in presenting that research paper at a recognized conference happening in any part of the world. And, also our expert advisory team will guide young researchers in doing research and writing research paper.

To be clear, this initiative is only for the research in the field of science. We tend to focus on young researcher who are doing first time research and also priority will be given to those who are underprivileged and have economic problems.  

For more information, contact us:

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