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Research Assistant Program 

About the program.

Our goal is to help students gain the skills and experience they need to succeed in academia and make a positive impact on their field. By participating in the BMUCO research program, college students can take the first steps towards a successful academic career.

Our program is designed to help college students achieve their research potential and set them up for success as academics in the future. We believe that by providing early research opportunities, we can help students develop the skills and confidence they need to pursue academic careers.

Our program offers a variety of research opportunities for college students, including internships, assistantships, and grants. These opportunities allow students to work closely with experienced researchers and learn about the latest techniques and technologies in their field.

We also provide support and resources for students participating in our program. This includes workshops on topics such as grant writing, networking, and publishing, as well as access to research facilities and equipment.


Uncovering Patterns in Complex Geometry with Machine Learning

Supervisor: Dr Edward Hirst
Queen's Mary, University of London

Dessins d'enfants are mysterious graphs with an enormously broad range of applications, where their simplicity is largely what dominates the elusivity of what they represent.


A dessin is constructed from a set of dots connected by lines, but through abstract mathematical relations they can be related to complex surfaces, groups describing the fundamental nature of rational numbers, and theories of the universe.


The work in this project will analyse hundred of these dessins looking for patterns in their structure using tools from machine learning.


To be eligible to join the BMUCO research program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • High school: You must be currently enrolled in the 12th grade or have recently graduated.

  • Undergraduate: You must be currently enrolled in your second year or later of undergraduate studies.

  • Postgraduate: You must have completed an undergraduate degree and be currently enrolled in a postgraduate program.

  • Graduate: You must have completed a Master's degree or higher and be currently enrolled in a graduate program.

In addition, for all candidates, they must be: 

  • Currently studying physics/mathematics/computer science  or any other type of science at the university /high school. 

  • You must demonstrate passion for working on a research project

  • Have enough educational or research background in the project domain 

Please note that these are general eligibility requirements and specific research opportunities within the BMUCO research program may have additional or more specific criteria

Welcome to the BMUCO research program!

If you think you are eligible, we would be happy to have you in the program. Please apply below. 

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