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Research on 5-D rotating black holes

We the BMUCO team are extremely delighted to hear about the remarkable research of our advisory member, Dr. Fazley Ahmed. He has been part of our BMUCO FSR research team in theoretical sciences and also holds the position of professor at PDM University, India. We greatly value his recent research paper on 5-Dimensional rotating black holes which is openly available on We want to send congratulations to him and wish to see more of his research on black holes in the future.


It is widely believed that the curvature singularities are an artifact of general relativity and may not exist in the Universe, and likely to be defined by the quantum gravity. In the absence of a successful quantum gravity, significant attention has been shifted towards the regular models. We present a five-dimensional (5D) rotating regular Myers-Perry like black hole metric with two rotation parameters (a, b) and a free parameter (k). Our 5D rotating regular metric encompasses 5D Myers-Perry black hole which can be recovered as a special case when k = 0. The size of the shadow cast by the black holes is significantly smaller and more distorted when the parameter k is increased.


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