Natural Science Research

Welcome to the Natural Science Research Division!

The Natural Science research team of BMUCO is conducting research in theoretical physics focusing on quantum information, quantum gravity and string theory and pure mathematics. The NSR team are focusing on research and outreach work and we welcome everyone to join our team, who are interested in any field of natural sciences. 

Recent Updates

  • Snapshot of  7th January Meeting of Natural Science Research Team

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Honorary Advisors



Professor Neil Lambert   

 King's College London, UK


Research Interests: His research is primarily concerned with supersymmetry, string theory and M-theory. 


Latest research and publications:

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Professor Yang Hui-He   

City, University of London

University of Oxford

Nankai University


Research Interests: . He is particularly interested in aspects of algebraic geometry in application to, and interacting with, gauge theory as well as string theory, such as Calabi-Yau manifolds, holographic correspondences and string phenomenology.


Latest research and publications: click here

Current researchers


Cemile Senem Arabaci

Rajarshi Maiti

University of Waterloo

Queen's University Belfast

Quantum Gravity 

Number Theory


Madhav Tiwari

Queen's University Belfast 

Quantum information and quantum gravity